I’ve showed you how to move a column to a different location within a table in Microsoft Word. Rows within a table can also be moved using the same process used to move columns.

To move one or more rows within a table in your Microsoft Word docuemnt:

  1. Select the row(s). Use the CTRL button to select multiple rows.
  2. While holding down the mouse button, drag the row/s to the desired row within the table.

Another method for moving table rows is to use the Alt+Shift+Up and Alt+Shift+Down keystrokes. The keystrokes can be used to move the current row up or down within a table. If you are moving a single row, you do not need to select anything; simply move your cursor to one of the cells in that row. If you are moving multiple contiguous rows, select all the rows you want to move before using the appropriate keystroke to move them up or down.