My RSS reader is an indispensable tool for me because it keeps me updated about everything that’s going on that I care about. I enjoy having a dedicated reader that takes care of all of my RSS needs, and I prefer to keep things this way versus merging my e-mail, RSS, and everything else under one application. Convergence can be nice, but in this situation, I’ll pass. Some of you out there may not even take the RSS leap because you’re hesitant to add yet another component to your digital life, but getting used to RSS and its delivery is made easy with RSS FWD.

Instead of forcing you to use a separate application or extend one that you already use, RSS FWD just delivers the content straight to your e-mail Inbox. Therefore, all you need to do is check your e-mail like you usually do. No complications, no mess. If you can type in a URL and your e-mail address, then you can use RSS FWD. Those of you who aren’t interested in staying on top of the latest news when it breaks can even choose to receive daily digest e-mails instead of individual e-mails, so choose whichever delivery method works best for you.