Seriously, bowling is a lot more strenuous than you really think! It may be fun to some, all competition to others (like me), and it can also be good exercise for those who bowl regularly! I, for one, will sometimes bowl 10-15 games in a week once a month because I get coupons from Brunswick Bowling for 10 discounted games, and I use them all for practice — or to just get out of the house. I also do this because I know it will help my body a little bit!

You see, you need arm strength to throw a 16-pound bowling ball at 17-25 mph (and I’m not kidding, either!) and the legs to bowl as much as 210 of those balls down a lane in one day! In fact, bowling three games, two balls per frame, will produce the equivalent of a one mile walk! So, in my case, I would walk 3.3 miles (not including to and from the $2 Coke machine, of course). Now, mind you, this will also build muscle in your arms with the weight of the ball and how high a backswing you put on it and the speed you throw them at.

Without bowling, I must admit, I would be one big fat person weighing about 250-300 pounds probably! Thankfully, bowling also gets rid of poisons in your body by sweating (and I do sweat a lot bowling, so this especially helps me).

And remember, do stretch exercises before you bowl! Otherwise, you might hurt something. Been there, done that. Believe me, it hurts!