Recently, a person I know (who shall remain nameless to prevent embarrassment) had his laptop stolen out of his car. Now, to his credit he had been faithfully backing up his data. Smart guy. He would back up all of his data weekly to a CD and take it home for secure storage. Good plan. But there was a flaw: he would carry his latest backup CD in his laptop case. The laptop was stolen when he stopped to run an errand on his way home. He not only lost all the data on his laptop, he lost his most recent backup, too. All of his work since the last backup was gone,

This incident gives us two things to consider: 1. Always keep backup media physically separated from the drives that are backed up; and, 2. Have more than one backup, if possible. Case in point: I have double copies of everything; I keep all my documents on a flash drive and I back up to an external USB drive regularly. One copy goes with me, the other stays in the office.

If someone steals my laptop, all they’ll get is an empty My Documents folder and some useful programs. They won’t get any of my personal data. And I’ll be up and running with no data loss in short order.

The Geek