I had a few reader questions that I wanted to share with you and also ask your opinion[s] as to what you think.


I was googling with the keywords “computers are designed to get slower with age” and found your page.

And this — http://www.storyofstuff.com/index.html — is why I started the search. It says the computers are design to become slower with age!

I wonder if this is true… or it’s just another urban myth…

Hello xmerz,

The last time I brought up this subject I received some comments that it was impossible for computers to slow down since the hardware doesn’t change or wear out. FWIW – I am not a mechanical engineer so I can not attest if this assumption is true or not. But I do know one thing. Every computer I have owned, and every computer I have personally built, and every computer I have personally worked on shows some degradation in performance after years of use.

Even after spending some time cleaning the systems and deleting unwanted garbage, fine tuning startup stuff and defraging, performance never seems to return to where it was when we first took the system out of the box or set it up for the first time.

Adam K. 

Hey Ron. I have a question for you man. I have a dell dimension. I need an upgrade and thinking of Intel core 2 duo 2.2GHZ. I am kind of confused on whether I should get 2GB or 4GB. I want to get 4GB because its cheaper these days. But someone told me adding memory will not help unless the processor can keep up with it. Therefore please give me an opinion on whether I should just get 2GB now and if needed upgrade later or straight up go for 4GB?

Hello Adam,

There is a old saying ‘the more RAM the better”. With RAM being so cheap I would personally get 4GB. Some consider the sweet spot using Vista to be 2GB. That is up for debate. 🙂 You didn’t mention what you were going to be using the system for video editing, movies, games or whatever.  But if you got the bucks go for it.

Comments welcome.

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