Over at SF Gate on their technology web site, they have listed a report from a Danish security company known as Secunia that paints are very dark picture of our vulnerability to malware and cyber attacks. According to their findings, less that 5% of computers are protected properly from malware attacks. Which in theory indicates that 95% of us are vulnerable. In their statement Secunia indicates that:

 Ninety-five percent of personal computers are vulnerable to attack by hackers due to unpatched flaws in their software applications, according to data released on Wednesday by Secunia, a Danish security vendor. The data was collected this month and comes from 20,000 computer users who used Secunia’s tracking tool, Software Inspector, for the first time. The tool runs off Secunia’s Web site and tracks which applications on a user’s PC are insecure, meaning they have a hole for which a patch has not been applied.

The report is the latest development in the continuing battle between hackers and computer users. Software flaws have increased the past several years, say several security researchers, making it more challenging for PC owners who are trying to keep their machines secure.

According to Secunia’s data, less than 5 percent of the scanned computers had software applications that were considered secure. About a quarter of the computers had as many as five flawed applications, and another quarter had as many as 10. Forty-two percent of computers had more than 11 insecure applications. About 1.8 million applications were scanned.

If these numbers are accurate this makes one wonder. If keeping our anti-virus and other protections updated enough, or are the flaws that are not being plugged leaving us all at risk?

At the end of the article there are these tips:

PC protection

What you can do to keep your computer safe:

— Don’t keep software on your computer that you don’t use. Uninstall it.

— Disable JavaScript in your browser. It is a vector for many attacks that come from Web sites.

— Check regularly for software patches.

— Keep your anti-virus software current.

Source: Chronicle research

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