I want to immediately point out that we have an iMac in our home and it is quite welcome here. In addition to that, I believe that MacBooks make great notebook computers, as do the Pro models. Yet despite the lighter, sleeker release of the MacBook Air, I have found myself questioning why we are getting pricier while the rest of the world is trying to reduce the cost of notebook computing? This is not a stab at Apple, rather the thinking behind an otherwise attractive notebook computing appliance. Seriously, I just do not get it.

Now to be ultimately clear, I realize that the official argument on why this new MacBook Air is priced at such a high price in comparison to what others might consider reasonable because of its portability. And this is fine and dandy. But come on, would it not be cool to see Apple do something for the casual market like the rest of the world? The Mini was one such example of the Ma and Pa computer, but the MacBook is doing nothing to attract new notebook users at $1099 starting. And $1799, I’d soon as spend the extra $200 and go Pro.

Help me get my mind around this. Is Apple simply choosing to ignore a market that is growing fast than any other? This just does not make a lot of sense from a business perspective to me.