I was surprised last week by a phone call I had received in which a client wanted to downgrade form Windows Vista to Windows XP. Not because this hasn’t been done before. It was just because it was my first phone call concerning doing a downgrade. For all of 2007 I had advised those needing to stick with XP to buy an XP system. Yes you may have to pay a few bucks more, since it is rare that you will see any XP machines at places like Best Buy or Circuit City.

Thus was the case with this particular client. He got himself a whiz-bang, super-duper, rock-bottom pricing on a special deal for a Gateway laptop from Best Buy during the holidays. Yes. One of those 512MB Vista Basic boxes that shouldn’t be allowed to be sold in the first place. He had bought the lappy for accounting work since he moonlights during tax season as a tax preparer. He recently found out that the software he needed to use was not Vista compatible. He could purchase upgraded software which would of cost more than what he paid for the computer.

He brought over the laptop with a brand new copy of Windows XP Pro. The installation went just find. But naturally I needed drivers to get this puppy’s hardware up and running and no XP drivers were available on the CD that came with the unit. I was able to get the laptop connected to my network setup and gave Gateway’s download assistant at try. After scanning the system it provided the correct XP drivers for the hardware.

Lucky? Maybe. But everything worked just fine and XP was purring like a kitty.

Do you have a downgrade story to tell?

Comments welcome.

PS Please. No Vista vs XP comparisons. 🙂

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