Gamers love to game, but they also love to show others what they’ve accomplished in the games that they play. If you’re a gamer, I’m sure that you’ve either built something or done something that you’ve wanted to show your friends and other players, but this isn’t always very easy to do. Screenshots don’t really do the trick, and videos can be complicated to record and share on your own. With WeGame, recording and publishing your game footage is easier than ever before.

This online service contains a software component that you download to your PC so that it can record what’s going on while your games are being played and then publish it online. The software supports a number of popular games, but don’t expect it to support every game on the market. Since WeGame is primarily focused on PC games, you won’t find a lot of console game categories, although you can upload videos that you’ve already recorded of all of the Halo games and Guitar Hero in action. The client even supports HD recording, so showing off your skills never looked so good.