Gnomie Mikey Stuckart writes:

Hello, Chris! Here are some tips to make sure your computer hardware is in proper running order.

  1. Invest in some air in a can and blow out your computer monthly. My computer was having power issues and shutting down for seemingly no reason — but in fact the reason was dust clogging the fans so it overheated whenever the computer was on. I blew it out with some air in a can and my computer works as good as new, now!
  2. Don’t force wires or cards together! There is force needed, to some degree, but not to the point where you’re breaking your motherboard in half.
  3. Never unplug anything but your USB stuff while your computer is on — this can damage it severely.
  4. Always have your computer case closed — this protects it from the common flying ornament or dog toy.
  5. If something is not working right, troubleshoot and eliminate the simpler, cheaper causes for problems instead of the less likely, expensive possibilities.

Thanks, Chris! I hope these were a help you and the community.