On Thursday night the TV program Celebrity Apprentice had the contestants come up with a slogan and sales pitch for the Kodak Easy Share printers being introduced by the company. Seems that the biggest selling feature of these new printers will be their less expensive replacement ink cartridges. So I wondered over to the Kodak site and took a look at some of the models they have to offer.

Black cartridges are $9.99 and color cost only $14.99. For those of us who have HP printers we know that the cost of cartridges are usually double these prices for some models.  Kodak is also offering a wide variety of different models with different capabilities. Prices also seem to be consist with other printers on the market.

Their Model 5100 which is an all-in-one [ print, copy & scan] which retails for $129.99 is currently on sale until 01-27-08 for $50.00 off. At only $79.99 this appears to be one heck of a deal.

If you are in he market for a new printer you may wish to consider the Kodak models. I know I may just get a Kodak just because of the low price replacement cartridges. It should be interesting to see if other manufactures like HP lower the cost of their cartridges as well.

Has anyone bought one of these new printers? If so let us know what you think.

Comments welcome.

Kodak printers here.

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