One only has to have lived during the Cold War to remember the indoctrination we received as Children regarding Communism. Being educated in a parochial school we received weekly cartoon handouts on how our lives would be destroyed if the evil Communist dictators ever took over America. Then that was cemented in our thinking by the call for bomb shelters and bomb drills that took place monthly.

However, in the 1990s the Communist block dissolved and nuclear arsenals were supposedly dismantled. Desert Storm quickly took care of the threat of Iraqi expansion into Kuwait so America’s biggest fears and enemies disappeared. We were safe.

The question then occurred to politicians about how to keep control of the masses and force allegiance to specific political parties. Ah ha, why not give Americans and the world something scientific to worry about. How about global warming? The environment is always a good way to get people concerned about the food they eat, the water they drink and the air they breathe. The government could then become responsible for cleaning it all up.

Then fortunately, for the politicians, Al Quida steps into the picture by bombing the World Trade Center and America has a new enemy to fear. Let’s start a war on terrorism, in general. It seemed to most Americans that Osama Bin Laden, a Saudi native, member of the royal family, along with Al Quida would have been the logical target. In fact, as reported in the New York Times on July 11,2002, bin Laden died in December 2001 and was buried in the mountains of southeast Afghanistan.

With that information came a need to strengthen President Bush’s position so Saddam Hussein, who coincidentally had put out a hit on the first President Bush became the target of choice. Iraq, a once stable country with a viable economy was now targeted as a center for weapons of mass destruction and after 9/11 Americans were willing to buy whatever the government told them. Sadly, this again was a ruse to keep the American public frightened and under control. Remember when Bush wanted to remove term limits on the Presidency.

I believe that what the Bush Administration’s term will show to history is how one president, who refused to listen to reason has single-handedly nearly brought America to its knees.

Thanks to his legacy America is now in trillions of dollars of debt, has a failing economy, is a world laughing stock and has spread its military so thin it is unable to respond to current crises. Now, we are told that Iran is also a threat. Are you afraid yet? Will your children see adulthood? Is Armageddon on the horizon? If so we have the leadership of the present administration to thank.

In reality, our concerns might wish to focus on border control, getting medical care for our citizens, schooling our children so that they can compete on the world stage, and improving our economy so that the average citizen doesn’t have to worry about losing their homes or feeding their children.

The trillions of dollars we are spending on other countries might be better spent improving our own infrastructure from bridges that are collapsing, to an outdated electrical grid, an improved communications network, and securing our transportation system. Stop the idiocy and allow states to get back to work for the people. Stop fighting over separation of church and state. Our country was founded on the premise of freedom of religion so if a state chooses to display the Ten Commandments and allow prayer in schools good for them. If a particular town doesn’t want Christmas displays let them put up Hanukkah candles. In other words, respect the rights guaranteed in our constitution and in the next election look for someone who fight to minimize the federal government and restore the economy.