Needless to say that this year is going to be a year when political rhetoric and distortions are going to flow around the Internet. If you haven’t received the email which makes several derogatory remarks about Sen. Obama, I’ll provide you with several of the allegations that have proved false. In the email it claims that the senator is a Muslim when in fact he is a practicing Christian. It also claims that when he was sworn into office that he took the oath on a Koran when it fact it was the bible.

It now appears according to an article over at the Boston Globe that the military is clamping down on this email being sent by government owned computer systems. The article states:

 The military has warned soldiers not to use official computers to forward a chain e-mail that falsely accuses Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama of being a Muslim who attended a radical Muslim school, saying distribution of the information is a violation of Army regulations and constitutes unlawful political activity.  


The memorandum, dated Thursday, went out after the discredited claims about Obama’s background were sent from an Army computer to what appear to be thousands of Army personnel worldwide.

“Currently there is a Chain Email floating around with the Subject line: ‘Who is Barack Obama,’ ” states the official warning, which was sent to all personnel who work for Army Medical Command, based in Fort Sam Houston, Texas. “Like virtually all chain e-mails this one is false.”

Further, the official warning adds, distributing the e-mail using military computers is a violation of several Army regulations that state that government communications equipment must be used only for official purposes and that their misuse could be punished under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Hopefully all of us will check out the facts as well before distributing any false information about any of the political candidates.

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Full article is here.

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