From WIRED Listening Post:

As I left the Imax theater after seeing U2 3D, a man
asked me, “So, what did you think?” Using my best Larry David
impression, I responded, “Pretty good. Pretty… pretty good.”

I was lying. The film I had just seen — the world’s first
three-dimensional live-action concert film — was astounding. I just
didn’t want to tell him that, because he was one of U2 3D’s
producers. What if I changed my mind before writing this review? Better
to form an opinion after my post-show elation had worn off, I figured.

More than a week later, the film still resonates as a stunning cinematic experience, and the best rock show I’ve never attended. …

Listening Post: ‘U2 3D’ Brings Hyperreal Arena Rock to the Multiplex