A few days ago I reported about some Dell laptops are causing what Dell describes as a tingle to users. Dell has stated that the tingle is nothing and there is no need to worry. So this morning when I saw a advertisement for a HP computer system with a hand and an electrical bolt while touching a laptop system, I went to the HP web site to see what was up. On the site it states:

HP Business Notebooks, like the HP Compaq 6820s Business Notebook, undergo 50,000 steps to ensure long-term product quality and reliability. Whether it’s the 10 million pounding keystrokes, the 2,400 hours of thermal testing, or even the higher voltage electrostatic testing, we design technology products and solutions to keep your business in business. And with HP Total Care you’re protected by a higher level of service that starts before, during and after your purchase.

Learn more about The HP Total Test Process.

Though Dell systems are not mentioned by name, the site is clearly targeting Dell systems.

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HP web site is here.

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