Okay, I think I am finally ready to take the plunge into the BlackBerry world and opt not to go with an iPhone. As discussed in the past, IMAP is not an option for me and my Exchange account. I am less interested in syncing my music and more in tune to business functionality. Now the only question is – which BlackBerry is right for me? Or, if I do go with an iPhone, can I have true Exchange functionality? Even cooler would be the news that there is some new iPhone app that allows me to have two Exchange accounts, as I do access two separate ones daily for both business and my own personal use.

Argh, looks like am I am back to square one – iPhone or BlackBerry. It’s sad, but I had honestly thought I had overcome this indecision since my last rant.

Perhaps it is time I turn the decision over to you – iPhone over BlackBerry? I have a Windows Smart phone now and to be honest, I do not see myself going down that road of agony again anytime soon. So what is it going to be everyone one? Hit the comments, share your thoughts.