Today we have a reader asking a question that I simply cannot think of a good answer to:

I am retired and have an aging parent who needs help so am considering spending up to 50% of my time in a home in the parent’s city/state. I am considering dropping my home broadband cable internet service for Sprint broadband service instead of having to live with broadband at home and dial-up in the parent’s location, or paying for broadband in both locations.

Sprint says I can connect their USB broadband modem to a router and still have a home wireless network for both a desktop and laptop. What is your opinion of cellular wireless broadband?

I haven’t been able to find what download speeds are possible with cellular broadband and if it is feasible, is there a wireless router which would accept the internet input from a USB modem instead of Ethernet? Or am I just dreaming to think this could work and would be better off staying with my high-speed cable based broadband network at home, (unused when I am gone) and relying on either unsecured wi-fi or free AOL dial-up for secured when traveling or based in another location?

I have tried to tackle this issue in the past, but have for the most part come up fairly short. It is with this understanding that I turn the mic over to you, the reader(s). What do you think? Have some product suggestions? Please hit the comments section and share your thoughts on the matter if you would be so kind.