I am to the point where I honestly feel bad for Yahoo! as a company. Not just because of expected layoffs, rather due to the fact that it just cannot seem to catch a break. But in the grander scheme of things, it does seem like the layoffs are mounting. Stressful, you bet. But it is not the end of the world. That and I have been watching a lot of the legitimate work at home options filling up rather quickly.

One side effect to tougher times and an “ever-adjusting” job market has been seeing those people that manage to stay employed. Speaking for myself, I work my butt off. I never work less than a ten hour day and in some rather foolish instances, don’t even give myself breaks.

What kind of terrible employer would put someone through such a thing? Why, yours truly. Yes, I am my own worst boss. Because if I am not producing, I am not getting paid by those I work for. I am always wary of getting too comfortable and do try to keep myself in a position of being as valuable to those I work for as I can.

Personally, I think this gives the self-employed an advantage over those people who have more typical jobs. Certainly not because one type of work situation is better than the other, rather the self-employed are SCARED out of their minds of not having a check come in. We have less security to some extent. So there is no sliding by, we need to do everything possible to produce value. This is what lights a fire under my backside. How about you? What do you do each day to produce value for your employer or those you work with?