On January 21, 2008 I wrote a piece about Comodo 3 Basic software program that may not provide outbound protection to its users. [Article is here,] My writings were based on Scot Finnie’s blog report in which he concluded that users should not use Comodo 3 Firewall Basic protection and recommended an alternative product. Since that time both representatives from Comodo and Scot himself have been involved in a war of words, each trying to make a case for their respective positions.

Before I proceed any further, let me explain my relationship to Scot Finnie. I have been member of Scot’s Newsletter Forum since March of 2003 and I am currently a MVP on his site. I have been a reader of Scot’s newsletters and also his magazine articles for many years prior to joining his forum. I have come to respect his opinions concerning software & hardware that he has tested.

Notice the word opinions. Anytime we read the opinions of others, myself included, there are always going to be those who may disagree. That is just the nature of the beast. My only purpose for posting Scot’s article was to present his opinion on what he had found and his recommendations. Since I do not use Comodo 3 I have no opinion.

Scot has posted a rebuttal on his blog here.

Comodo has posted their thoughts here.

Comments welcome.

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