As many of you know, I have been “wooling around” which phone I would be upgrading to with AT&T. After much research, asking about it here over and over, now that the magic upgrade month has arrive for upgrade eligibility – I have selected the BlackBerry 8820. Let me explain why.

  1. With my available upgrade credit, it will actually cost me about $50 less than the iPhone. Not even a real consideration, but a bonus nonetheless.
  2. I hate touch screens. While the iPhone gets it right 100%, I am just done with touch screens in general, despite the iPhone being otherwise very pleasant to use.
  3. Exchange data and email push ability. For most people, this is not a big deal. But I live on my personal exchange server and also rely on a second one with a company I work for – so this matters to me, Google does not cut it.
  4. I like pressing real buttons. As explained previously, I am not interested in using a touch screen when I can simply type easier on actual buttons. Keep in mind, I have tried both phones – this is the best fit for me.
  5. Way better battery life. That and I can swap my SIM card easily.
  6. I do not want my data on my Google account. I use an exchange server with a domain no one has ever heard of for my calendaring and the other one I use is well secured. A Google login is hardly secure – not going to cut it, I am sorry. I love Gmail alright, but their calendar is not for me.
  7. Text messaging. The iPhone does just fine here. But I will take physical buttons instead of the finger waving, thanks.
  8. Everything else can be summarized pretty well here. Many of my own highlights can be found here. As for a lack of 802.11-“whatever” support, I don’t believe it lacks this. Even if it does, who cares – I have anytime access with my GPRS/EDGE network. Apple can keep its YouTube support, thanks anyway.

And just to curb any misunderstandings now. I do not hate Apple. My wife happens to own a new Intel iMac and loves it. I myself think that OS X is very slick, no question.

And what is truly funny is that had the Apple simply bothered to remember that many of us live in a MS Exchange world, I would have given the device a lot more thought. Too bad Apple has opted to alienate users such as myself. Oh well, whatever floats their boat I guess. It’s not like they cannot sell enough of them I suppose.