It is a marketing department’s dream come true. The finals of the women’s Australia Open could not be scripted better in terms of promotion. The championship match features two beautiful, athletic women at one of tennis’ greatest venues.

Maria Sharapova is already a household name. She is well known to male teenage adolescents and readers of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. Maria Sharapova is instant ‘big name’ recognition. And she has reached the finals with superb tennis.

Ana Ivanovic is less known. However, that will be remedied soon. Ana Ivanovic battled her way to the finals with a monumental comeback victory in the semi finals. She writes about it on her website. It is a an interesting website from the viewpoint of user friendly promotion. The site is well done and highly professional. Ms Ivanovic has a website with a purpose in mind. With her appearance in the Australia Open finals, the site will see a significant increase in traffic. The public will become very familiar with her name in a matter of days.

Ms Ivanovic comes into the finals as the ‘underdog’. Ms Sharapova has been playing almost flawless tennis and has experience on her side. No matter who wins the tennis match, there are no financial losers. The Australian Open will have worldwide interest in this match. In terms of future product promotions and advertising income, this appearance will mean millions of dollars for both Ms Sharapova and Ms Ivanovic. And tennis has a grand start for its new season. Truly, everyone wins.

Catherine Forsythe
Director of Operations

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