This is an area that I am faced with as a consultant, writer and even as a user. Trying to clearly define the semantic web is about as simple as herding cats in my honest opinion. Sure, you can toss out a definition, but will it mean anything to the people you are explaining it to? Not too likely.

In my own view, I found this to be the simplest example of implementation on the matter coming from Intranet Journal, whom I happen to write for occasionally (disclaimer), but overall, felt the article hit home. In the end, I believe finding a balance between machine-processable info and the general user experience has begun to create something of a paradox of sorts. So much so as a matter of fact, that I see the user experience being swallowed up in we are not careful.

Putting value on anything other than the user experience is in my opinion, foolish at best and down right dangerous at worst. Sure, you can blend together all sorts of creative, crazy ideas whereas the Semantic web then becomes less obtrusive and in your face. But in the end, I just do not think it has much staying power short of those who envision projects where the machine readable overshadows what we the users are actually wanting. As you found in the previous piece above, the desire is there, but I am not convinced the follow through is just yet. We are still getting our land legs in my opinion.