Recommendations are a big deal these days, and a variety of services have risen from obscurity that enable you to receive them on your terms. The recommendations that I take seriously are the ones that come from other people. Computers can sometimes deliver impressive results in this area, but without any influence by human beings, the recommendations can truly go either way. Because of this, I prefer to receive my recommendations directly from other people, especially when they’re for local service providers. TrustedWord is a service that uses the power of social recommendations to try and give you an advantage.

While other similar services contain a default list of businesses right from the start, TrustedWord relies on users to populate the database, and unfortunately, as is the case with a lot of services like this, there just aren’t enough results to make this worthwhile at the current time. Cities like Seattle, San Francisco, and New York have a few entries, but even then, there needs to be more. I like the way TrustedWord helps you to find the cities, states, and zip codes while you type, and the idea of sharing these recommendations with your friends and others has legs, but they’re just not walking yet.