Whenever the friends that my wife and I have make plans to do something, these plans usually come together at the last minute. Our activities are fairly spontaneous due to the crazy schedules that all of us have, so when it looks like there’s going to be some time to spend together, we jump on the opportunity before someone’s schedule changes. The idea of actually planning events way in advance is kind of foreign to me, however, in certain situations, I know that it can be both reasonable and helpful, and that’s where IPartee comes into play.

You may just hang out with your friends in random places most of the time, but if you’re looking for places to go, then IPartee will get you up to speed about some of the venues in your area. There may already be some public events that you’d like to participate in, but you can also create your own events and either make them public or keep them private. Groups will keep you informed about events that you might be interested in, and photos of events and venues can be shared with other users.