Microsoft has recently put up an unsolicited offer to buy up Yahoo for 44.6 billion dollars in a bid to increase their online search and advertising presence according to various news sources.  Yahoo, who is second to Google in search and ad revenue would instantly give Microsoft a more competitive standing in the field of online search and ad revenue, but what I can’t understand is why the people at Microsoft feel that this would be a good investment for their core business.  Why can’t Microsoft, who is having a world of problems with their new Vista operating system, focus on their core business and stop trying to do everything for everybody?  Instead of shelling out 44 billion dollars for a search engine and advertising company, why not focus on making Windows 7 a worthy competitor to Windows XP, why not get the next version of Office to be something so compelling as to make users of Office XP switch over, many people are bypassing Office 2007 due to some incompatibilities with the new .DOCX format.  Instead of trying to get into every single aspect of the internet and technology, why doesn’t someone at Microsoft say, “Hey, let’s cool it a little here, we need to fix the problems with our current products before we try and screw up yet another market.”  If the deal goes through, and I don’t believe that it will, you could see the biggest mess since the AOL Time Warner deal.  Microsoft should focus on their core business – creating operating systems and office productivity software, to divert their attention, and their money, away from that not only hurts Microsoft, but it also hurts the consumers.