Several days ago I wrote about using an older version of Sygate as a firewall protection and received this response in the comments section from reader Zenium Tech:

Hi Ron.

I’ve been using agnitum outpost ( for over 5 years nows. Like sysgate, outpost is low on resources and not too annoying (OK the pop-ups for dll’s that changed can be annoying) and it is easy to configure. Unlike sysgate, outpost is kept up to date.

One thing I like about outpost, it is easy to configure to for allowing openvpn SSL access to a company network. Sunbelt Kerio personal firewall could never work; get the settings right and the next time they failed. McAfee had a hidden problem with auto port allocation, but eventually worked after 4 days of investigations.

Well ZT thanks for suggesting Outpost Basic firewall. I have downloaded a copy and will be testing it for the next few weeks or so. I’ve got my fingers crossed and hope that Outpost works well for me as well.

Comments welcome.

Outpost Basic firewall download is here.


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