As I work to better understand the differences between my previous use of the Windows Mobile platform and now, the BlackBerry world, I have been discovering a few different applications that might benefit this new journey. Still picking up little tidbits of why things work they way they do.

Opera Mini- The BlackBerry browser is fine, however based on the latest information I have been hearing about, the Opera Mini browser blows its doors off the hinges. Not quite up there with the promise of the iPhone’s browser, but not too bad nonetheless.

Viigoâ„¢ – This RSS reader came highly recommended to me today. Providing me with OPML import/export, easy navigation, I will be adding it to my BB’s list of applications come tomorrow no doubt. I have used various readers in the past, but this one looks a lot smoother in my opinion.

eWord- One thing I miss already about not using Windows Mobile is the lack of an included word processor. Not just previewing files, I am talking about the countless times I pounded out an article or two from my Windows Mobile Pocket PC. Despite this loss, I am glad that eWord will help me pick up the pieces, even if it means another $60 just to do something I was previously doing for NOTHING. To be fair though, eWord does look pretty sweet.

As day two with my new phone comes to a close, I am still very happy with the choice and its purchase. I have found it to be fast, efficient and perhaps most of all – I can do just about anything with one hand. Seriously, this was not happening on my old Pocket PC.