There has been some new speculation now that Sony has managed to wake itself from the dead with the Playstation 3, they will soon become a threat to the Xbox. I have to point one flawhowever – does the PS3 have a modification making its rounds that is anything like this?

The Xbox 360 NOTEBOOK.

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Yes, this is the real deal and it brings up a very serious question. Why hasn’t Microsoft tried this themselves? My guess, is relating to the price of hardware. Something tells me doing something like this would cost a tiny fortune to offer such a product with any real volume in mind.

Will this device likely end up being banned from Xbox Live? Would not shock me, although this is the kind of PR stunt that would do nothing more than make Microsoft look really good in my honest opinion.

What do you think? Is this where the Xbox ought to be heading? Or is sticking to Alienware gaming notebooks simply a smarter fit for gamers on the go?