Google is offering a new tool called Urchin Software that can analyze web traffic on your site. It can report on where your customers are coming from and what converts them into customers. The product is still in beta and the download is just a little over 150 MB in size, so a fast internet connection is highly recommended. Google also states that:

Urchin Software targets customers who prefer a software web analytics solution. It will be sold and supported through Urchin Software Authorized Consultants, not through Google directly.The initial beta is available to anyone as a three-month demo license. However, it does not have detailed documentation or help resources available, so customers are highly encouraged to work with a GAAC partner even if they already familiar with Urchin Software. Also, because the software is still in beta, we advise customers not to make business decisions based on the data provided in Urchin at this time. After the beta period, everyone who purchased Urchin 5 will be entitled to a free upgrade. When the full version is released, Urchin Software will cost US$2995.

Will Google continue developing Urchin Software after this release? Although Google does not provide specifics on future product development, if demand is strong, we anticipate continuing development on Urchin Software.

The beta is good for 90 days only after which you can purchase a license.

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Get the Urchin Software download from here.

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