This is to be more of a bash on the Web industry vs any one company. As I continue reading about Microsoft’s intention to buy Yahoo, it seems like the bigger picture is being ignored. Search relevancy.

Yahoo, MSN, and Ask. Each property has some really interesting bell or whistle to woo us with. Yet at the end of the day, I am finding myself back at Google – why is this?

Despite Google’s search being far from perfect, their popularity and desire for the best possible organic search results has forced the company to produce the most relevant results that they can just to keep thins moving forward. On the flip side of this, their competitors each fail at this with such harmony, it is almost eerie.

We are not in the year 2008, yet only one search engine has been able to consistently keep people happy with their search results is Google. I keep reading about how others are using some high-end proprietary code to produce better results than ever before. Yet when you look closely at what is going on, it is STILL meta search that the other folks are relying on.

So coming back full circle, we have Microsoft, a company that has ruled the software industry for many years now looking to take Google on any way they can. But let’s be honest here. Microsoft being competitive in a way that is going to benefit the end user with their Internet properties is likely to show the same level of success as Google trying to sell off that mess of applications laughingly called “Google Apps”. Google knows search and online advertising. Microsoft knows localized software and the needs of their industry in general. Pretending like buying Yahoo is going to change this in any way is a complete joke.

But you know what is really sad – it does not even matter. Buying Yahoo brings Microsoft’s stock up and Google’s down. It provides Microsoft with Yahoo’s market share in the advertising world and takes a hit on Google’s. Benefit to the consumer? Nothing. Not a darn thing unless you own Microsoft stock or are in the market for some new advertising spots. Now imagine if anything ever happened to Google? Hotbot anyone?