There are some interesting takes on how some of the new technology products could actually cause more crime and another speculates on more pollution.

The first if the OLPC [One Laptop Per Child] projects and what could happen if and when these units are shipped to nations like Africa. The theory is that by allowing the inexpensive computers to connect to the Internet, it could cause more cyber crime by those using them. It seems that this concern is because of the nigerian scams that run so rampert now and in the past.

Not to be outdone, the next technology is a automobile being produced in India called Tata Nono . Billed as the worlds least expensive car at $2500, the thinking is that this vehcile could actually cause more pollution. This theory goes on to state that since more people could afford a car such as this, there would than be more cars on the road, thus more pollution.

Interesting takes. What do you think? Is this type of thinking valid or is it just a way to discredit products?

Comments welcome.

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