I am endorsing Senator Barack Obama because I believe his presidency has the best chance of restoring our nation to the greatness that many of us feel George W’s Administration had destroyed forever. Given that I must admit that never before have I contributed to a campaign for any political office but with Obama I have made an exception due to my firm belief that he is what this country needs. My donation was made for one major reason and that is Obama’s refusal to accept any funds from lobbyists and other special interest groups. The only donations he is accepting are from citizens like you and me. To me that said a lot when one only has to look at all the millions the other candidates have accepted from these sources so while my donation was minimal it was a big step for me towards showing my belief in Obama’s candidacy.

With Obama I believe that there is a chance, though be it slight, of returning the power to the people by restoring our infrastructure, returning jobs from overseas to our shores by denying tax benefits to those companies who chose to use overseas workers, and tending to the needs of our average citizens. This I believe can only be accomplished when the rich and powerful in Washington are shown that they are no longer at liberty to vote themselves tax benefits that continue to erode the living capacity of the middle and lower classes and when CEO’s of big corporations are forced to forfeit the illegal profits they garner when their companies implode.

I need a President who understands that we cannot wait.  I want a leader who willingly stands in the gap understanding the urgency of our current domestic and international crisis even if it is inconvenient to do so. This does not mean that I agree with him on every issue because I don’t but I do know that once committed to a stance Obama doesn’t stagger. This is seen on his stand regarding the issue of pro choice. While for myself abortion would have never been an option I would have considered I do believe that like everything in life individuals have to make decisions that they can live with and that those choices are between themselves and their God. Obama also understands that. He feels for the poor woman who already has four children that she is struggling to support and the teenager who got carried away with emotion knowing that these women are being faced with difficult choices. I also believe that given the choice himself, he would most likely choose life.

I say this because while a senator from Illinois Obama was faced with several extreme anti-choice measures designed to paint pro-choice legislators into a corner. In these situations Illinois allows a senator to vote “present”. These votes are counted in the official roll call of the bill, and they DO affect the outcome. For all intents and purposes, they are a vote against the bill. In these cases Obama stood with his colleagues and voted “present” to protest the politicization of the health and safety of Illinois women. Again something he believed to be women’s best interests.

However, Senator Obama’s healthcare plan is not only about reproductive choice. His plan instead would ensure healthcare coverage for all Americans by making it more affordable. Healthcare should not be a privilege for only a few Americans, it should be a privilege for all Americans. It is time that we honor our commitment to the young, the old, the silent who have not had a voice to ask for what is their right as a fellow human being. With Senator Obama’s plan, we will finally have an opportunity to honor that responsibility.

Regarding the Iraq War, Senator Obama was one out a few that had the insight, judgment and courage to speak out after 9/11 against invading Iraq. This brave act cannot be minimized or negated. Everyday we as Americans live with the tragic consequences of the decisions made by others who did not stand up for what was the truth.

In addition, Obama has the charisma, like Kennedy and Reagan before him, to galvanize the people to force these changes on the tenured senators and Congress Representatives knowing that if they do not work with him the people will not hesitate to oust them come the next election. So, while others talk about greatness, may even utter the right words, only Obama brings those words to life in a manner that can pull us along together.

Thanks to Obama, many like me, who had basically given up the hope that politics would ever again hold ideals of equality, dignity, and justice instead of being corrupted by the political hunger for money, power and prestige are reengaging. Others who had grown tolerant of the intolerable are now ready to demand more ­ and not just from themselves but others. If you want more of George W. Bush go ahead and vote for Hillary, John, Mitt, or Mike but if what your heart is crying out for is change you only have one decent choice and that is Barack Obama for president.

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