Well, Microsoft’s operating system Windows Vista has been released for almost a year now, and after using it for quite a substanical amount of time I am happy to report what I think of it. I have compiled this list of 10 upsides of Vista and 10 downsides.


1. It has a great looking interface

2. Easy way of naviation around the desktop and taskbar

3. Is growing in compatibility with many software and hardware.

4. There isn’t a 4th reason for pros.

4. Nor is there a 5th


1. Pathetic driver support

2. System crashes alot

3. Loading times are slow, especially when starting up the computer

4. Search features are very low in standards

5. Alot of versions make it confusing

So there you go, it’s easy to see there is more cons for Vista at the moment then there is is pros. Do you have Windows Vista? Does it cause many problems? Are there easy to resolve? What are your Vista pros and cons? Are you considering buying Vista? Are you confused at the different versions? If so, leave a comment.