Stage6, a widely used media sharing Web site that allowed you to upload high definition content, was hacked on the 9 Feb., 2008. The Web site re-directed visitors to various shock Web sites. That was then stopped by the admins and a notice was put up on the front page saying that the Web site was unavailable.

But the most shocking discovery was posted up on the Stage6 wiki page, which stated that users’ e-mail addresses and passwords were released by the hackers.

A partial list of Email addresses and passwords for several thousand Stage6 users was released by the group shortly after the attack began in the form of a plain text file posted to 4chan‘s Random board. The file has since been removed from the site. Users affected were mainly those who had registered a new Stage6 account between December 11, 2007 and February 9, 2008, though the hacker(s) may have accessed the entire Stage6 user database compromising all user logins.

Let’s just hope that they didn’t have access to the whole user database.


The Web site is back up and they have updated their login screen to show this message.

Due to an unforeseen technical issue, some users may be required to change their password in order to gain access to the site. If you are unable to login at this time, please use the “Recover Password” option provided on the login page. Thank you for your dedication and understanding.

-Stage6 Web Team”

So it seems that they are trying to pass this off as a technical issue.