A reader by the name of Barrie Orton posted this in the comments section of a previous article I had written here. Not only does Barrie indicate that his system is infected but that he can’t seem to remove the virus as well.

Sadly, I have Norton 360. I read all the bad reports too late. Norton has let in the DOWNLOADER virus onto my machine. Restore replicates it. Norton want me to pay again to get them to remove it. Online Norton (ex) customers’ reports say they can’t get rid of it! Norton online instructions to remove DOWNLOADER are impenetrable to a novice like me and other reports say their instructions don’t work anyway. How do I get rid of DOWNLOADER? How do I get rid of Norton without crashing my machine? What is the best Antivirus to upload that updates itself?

Here are some of my thoughts:

First of all there have been many discussions and some disagreement about turning off System Restore while trying to remove a virus. While I respect those opinions about not doing this, I personally have found it necessary in some cases in order to remove a critter or two from a system. That would be my first recommendation, turn off System Restore. NOTE: After the bug is gone, turn it back on.

Second there are a bunch of fine online virus scanners such as:

Trend Micro House Call here. [highly recommended]

Kaspersky Free Virus Scan here.

Doing a Google will turn up more if the above do not work for you.

The virus you mention does not appear to be the type that you should have any problems removing. It’s been around since 2005 and I am sure that any good virus scanner should be able to remove it without a problem.

Removing Norton 360 should be straightforward as well using the uninstaller that comes with the program. If there is a problem, Norton posts its removal tool, which it indicates does in fact function with 360. The tool can be downloaded from here. I would also run a registry cleaner program such as CCleaner. Other free tools can be found at 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities located here.

At the above site you will also find recommendations for free anti-virus programs such as AVG and avast! with links to download these freebies.

If anyone has any further suggestions, hints, tips, or tricks that Barrie should try, please feel free to post them.

Comments as always are welcome.