When I was in the Army and fighting during Desert Storm in 1990, we had GPS navigators in our ambulance (I was a field medic).  We called it “Maggie” and she was a Magellon that took up almost the whole dash, had a monochrome screen, was accurate to maybe 500 feet and only showed you how to get somewhere “as the crow flies”.  You also had to know the coordinates of where you were and where you were going to program it.

Yeasterday I went an bought a GPS Navigator from Radio Shack for $150.00.  A Navigon GPS 2100.  I must say I am very impressed.  I opened it in the parking lot and plugged it in.  Without looking at the instructions I was able to program my home address and begin navigation.  It was extremely accurate, taking me right to my front door.  All the streets were there, even though the voice had a hard time pronouncing one or two of them.  That’s actually pretty impressive seeing as I live in a Cajun town and most streets are French.

The device itself is suprisingly small and the screen is clear as a bell.  the volume is plently loud to hear over the radio and its ability to recalculate a route when you miss a turn is impressive.  It really suprised me that is even had the gravel roads already in the device, I didn’t even know what the name of those roads were since they don’t have signs, but the device knew.  when it says turn now you are right where you need to be to allow time to slow down and turn.  The voice is plesant and not to “robotic”.  The 3D option is great and the pictures of the interstate roadsigns is a nice touch.

I believe this was a smart purchase for myself and will come in handy.  I’m planning a trip to chattanooga, TNN end of next month, about a 6 hour drive.  Allot has changed in my home town since the last time I was there and I am looking forward to having this device to help me navigate downtown.

Do you have a GPS Navigator?  What do you have and what do you like about it?  What do you dislike? Leave me a comment and let me know!