Well there was some assumptions that the new Service Pack #1 for Windows Vista would make it harder for pirates to hack. But it seems for some who have already received the first RTM copies of SP1 this may not be the case. With a little research and some minor know how, one is still able to find a hack that still works with SP1.

Before Windows Vista was released to the public, Microsoft was to toting the fact Vista was going to make it hard for pirates to hack. It was also stated that illegal copies would not be updated. Than it was SP1 improved the anti-pirate mechanisms. On one of the forums one person left this comment:

I’m not sure who MS thinks is stealing vista. I don’t put a padlock on my garbage when I put it out to the curb and by some miracle it doesn’t get stolen unless the robbers come just before garbage pickup.

Yipes! That was cruel. But it does make one wonder. It seems like it has been about 7 years or so that Microsoft has been trying to stop the hacking of their software. For every step they take in adding protections, the hackers find a workaround. The only ones they get stuck playing this silly game is we consumers who must tolerate the verification game.

One would think that a company as large as Microsoft with the resources at hand, they could find a simple way to authenticate our software as being genuine once and not every time we want to download a Microsoft fix, patch, update and so forth. This is getting to be almost as silly as UAC with itsĀ  nag screens asking me if I am sure or not.

I am sure I am tired of being nagged and I am sure I am tired of having to provide proof my Windows are legal. How about you?

Comments welcome.

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