There is a fantastic free resource out there called K9 Web Protection. For personal use, it is open source, but it costs with a business or a company. It is a brilliant program which stops children running into porn, proxy avoidance, gambling, drugs, politics, government, weapons, web advertisements and much more genres of web pages on the internet.

Did you know that nine of 10 kids aged 8-16 have viewed pornography on the Internet, often in the process of doing homework (Source London School of Economics January 2002). Or that 1 in 4 youth have unwanted exposure to inappropriate pictures each year (Source The Internet Keep Safe Coalition).

These are shocking figures, and K9 stamps all this out, so not even you need to be faced with things you don’t want to see while browsing the internet. K9 claims you are an internet parent, and this software will let you be one. Get a free license, and then install and type in the license number. From there, you can then choose what web categories you want to block, or choose a pre-set age group to block recommended categories.

Parents can override these settings with a password set in installation, and can also set times when internet is blocked. Site exceptions can also be put into place. I really do recommend this software and at the time of posting this it was protecting 490,096 homes.

Do you use this software? Are you considering using it? If you do, you could also put this web address in the how did you hear about us box? It is a truly great software. Maybe you have a review of it, good or bad? If so, or anything else related to web protection, let me and the community know in a comment.