Gnomie Berbs writes:

I work in IT for an “unnamed” company, and want to share with you and the people in the chat room some inside secrets in the pros and cons of certain brand name computers.

  1. Never, ever, ever buy an eMachine/Gateway computer. Why? I work on a lot of eMachines and Gateways and I would say that 70% of them all have the same problem. What happens is eMachines/Gateways, like most computer manufacturers, use very cheap power supplies. The problem is eMachine/Gateway also use very cheap motherboards. What happens? The PSU nukes the motherboard, so to speak. Think about that. 70%.
  2. HP/Compaq desktops are not as horrible as eMachines, but they’re most definitely not the best. The biggest problem with HP/Compaq computers is the hard drives fail. Now hard drives are very good at failing, but HP/Compaq’s like to fail more often than not. Who knows why? All I know is that they use Samsung hard drives and they downright suck. Newer HPs in the last year have fixed this problem — or so the company says.
  3. HP laptops. Okay, I’ll keep it simple. If you have an HP DV2000, 6000, or 9000 series with an AMD processor, you might have a problem. Why? Well if your built-in wireless receiver stops working (not even showing up in device manager), it’s not software, it’s the system board. Now HP is starting to address this by offering an extended one-year warranty on this specific problem.
  4. Acer desktops. They’re not bad machines, but if they’re going to fail, they’ll do so usually within the first week of use. Why do they fail in the first week? Not sure — most likely a burn-in failed. How do they fail? Usually the motherboard.
  5. Acer laptops. I like Acer laptops. I own one myself and have no issues with it. But the most common failure (not all that common, but it is the most common) is with the LCD screens. How? Yellow lines down the screen.
  6. Toshiba laptops. I love Toshiba laptops; they are hands-down, in my mind, the best laptops out there. The only complaints I have about them are that they tend to overheat (older ones, anyway).
  7. Cicero. Never heard of Cicero? Well they are GREAT desktop machines, but they don’t make them anymore. Why do I like them so much? They’re not normal, brand-name computers. Basically they are a bunch of spare parts put into a Cicero case — you will almost never find two of them alike. But why is that good? They use top of the line brand name parts to build the computers; there is no cheaping out with Cicero. If a friend offers you a Cicero computer, TAKE IT!

That’s about it. Hope I have shed some light on the brand name computer business.