Like many of you, I’ve recently been looking for some more work. It’s not always a fun process, but if you maintain a positive outlook and continue to think about how bigger and better things are in your future, then you’ll eventually have great success. There are a variety of ways to get connected to employers, and just some of these are directly looking for companies that have open positions that match your interest, contacting companies you like whether or not they’re currently looking for someone like you to see if they might be interested anyway, and using one of the many online employment services out there to help the employers find you. Jobfox is yet another service that will encourage companies to pursue you.

Whether you’re currently employed or not, you can use Jobfox to be discreet in searching for new work, but at the same time, when you enter in the skills that you have developed, you’ll be provided with a ranked list of jobs that match what you can do. Additionally, by creating a My Jobfox Page, you’ll be able to easily share your experience with potential employers, and you can even receive text messages that alert you when your resume has been viewed. In turn, these messages will also tell you which companies have taken a peek at your CV.