I must admit it has been awhile since I have bought a copy of Microsoft Windows in any flavor. So I found it interesting when I went to the NewEgg website for a look-see for a client who was looking for a copy of Windows Vista Premium. What struck me was the fact on how many different variations of XP and Vista that were available. The combination on the NewEgg site included some 42 varieties. But what was also noticeable since the last time I visited the NewEgg site for a copy of Windows was the fact that pricing seems to be lower than when Vista was first introduced.

I recalled that a copy of the full retail version of Vista Ultimate 32 bit had been $399. The new pricing was now $319. I didn’t check out any other sites to see if I could find a lower price but knowing the pricing at NewEgg, I have found it to be normally in the ball park of other online retailers.

I also noted that for Vista the system builder edition still appears to be the best bargain of all versions available. You may also recall that Microsoft has stated that anyone could purchase this version whether they are a builder or not. Which than brings up the question why would you want to buy an upgrade or retail version?

So what do you think?

Comments welcome.

Check out NewEgg pricing here.

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