TN Games has a product that should shake up the gaming world. A vest that actually translates the effects one would feel if they were shot, hit, and so forth in real time. The company states that their vest is:

Have fun taking your game play beyond sight and sound with TN Games’ 3rd Space Vest.

The vest allows you to feel the impact of punches, kicks, bullets and blasts that happen to your character in the game. The vest communicates with compatible games to give precise, 3 dimensionally accurate impact where it happens, as it happens.

Impacts from in front of you, you feel in the front. Impacts from behind you, you feel in the back.

This IS the experience that you have been dreaming about since you started playing. Get real interactive entertainment: get your vest and start 3rd Spacing!

Games currently supported are:

Crysis (Retail Version
Halflife 2 – Episode 1 (Steam Version)
Halflife 2 – Episode 2 (Steam Version)
Medal Of Honor Airborne (Retail Version)
F.E.A.R (Retail Version 1.0)
Enemy Territory Quake Wars (Retail Version)
Quake 4 (1.4.2)
Doom 3 (1.3.1).

More games are planned in the future. Price as listed on the Web site is $169.

Comments welcome.

TN Game site is here.