The job recruiting process is broken in so many ways. If I listed all of them here, then there would be no space for the actual review. Companies waste a lot of time and money recruiting people, and as a potential job candidate, you have to deal with seemingly endless interviews with companies that may or may not actually be very interested in you. In turn, you end up wasting a lot of your own time. Companies are always looking for the best, and if you’re great at what you do, then you could receive offers from these companies to get paid just to take part in an interview. NotchUp makes this possible.

I received an invitation to this service through a member, and I was impressed with how easy it was to get started. Instead of having to manually enter in all of your professional information, you can have the service connect to your LinkedIn account and bring all of those nicely formatted details to your NotchUp profile. It’s up to you to specify what your interview price is, but if you’re not sure of a figure to use, check out the interview calculator that can give you a good idea about what to charge. You can easily ask for hundreds of dollars, but actually receiving offers like that is an entirely different story. Whether you’re currently looking for another job or not, NotchUp will protect your privacy and keep you anonymous until you accept interview offers, which is great.