Have you ever noticed that the first thing that happens in todays paranoia world is that people become suspicious anytime the US Government announces anything. So what we have is a big, really big piece of space junk that may be the size of a school bus which weighs between 5,000 to 10,000 lbs. making a re-entry sometime around the 6th of March. What we also have is a missle that will be launched from a ship to destroy this junk before it hits planet earth.

On the surface this seems like a sound decision. After all, I don’t think anyone would want this big of a piece of metal hitting our homes, a school yard, or anywhere else people could be injured.  But as soon as the announcement was made, the news folks jumped on this and immediately the conspiracy theories started to fly.

Rumors are that the US just wants to test its missile to see if it works or not. Another rumor is that the satellite is full of hazardous fuel and must be destroyed. Than there is the rumor that this satellite is so secret that it can’t fall into enemy hands and must be vaporized? Or you have the one that China did it so why can’t we? Interesting. But what is the real, real reason?

Could it be that this satellite was launched to actually see if we could find Elvis? But after launch the space vehicle was taken over by aliens that the US government doesn’t want us to know about? Or is it just what it is. Blowing it out of the sky may just prevent injury to any of us down below.

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