I guess none of us never really thinks about it, but every time we do a Google search, thousands of servers [computers] whiz into action. All of this server power needs electricity to function. During the past decade or so, Google has amassed the largest amount of servers the world has ever seen. But now the question becomes: who is paying for all of the electricity these servers use? According to a Harpers magazine article, we are. Seems that good old G.W. has pushed for electrical subsidies so you and I will be paying for YouTube and the like. Sounds fair to me.

The article goes on to state that other big companies like Microsoft, Yahoo!, and others are also going to reap the benefit of cheap electricity. One would think that companies of this size with their wealth would pay a fair rate for the electricity they use and not have us pay to help them amass more money.

What do you think? Is it fair when companies like Google that amass billions of dollars are able to get cheap electricity paid for by us citizens?

You may want to give this some thought when you enter into the polling booth this November and select who you want to be as your next President. Just a thought.

Comments welcome.

Complete Harpers article is here.

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