Well I got Scot’s Newsletter Blog on Sunday afternoon, and I noted that Scot once again is visiting the Comodo firewall software. You may recall that last month there was a minor confrontation between Scot and the folks at Comodo in which some lively discussions ensued. But in the end, it may appear that the winners of this ……. eh……… debate, may be us consumers. Not only is Scot once again discussing the merits of the Comodo firewall, along with a new and improved version of Online Amour, but is even using the words “excellent product” when describing Comodo.

That is a huge switch from last month. But it also shows what I have already known. Scot is a fair person and his personal evaluations of products are and have been unbiased. Like myself, he doesn’t take any ‘payola’ like some on the internet to recommend a POS just to make a buck. His concern is how well or not so well a product works. That is the bottom line as it should be.

With this in mine, I’m going to give Comodo 3 another go. I have had to uninstall Sunbelt’s [aka Kerio] Personal Firewall after being unable to play some videos online. After some ponding on the software, I still wasn’t able to even watch weather videos at AccuWeather. Off it went. It is either me, my system or maybe firewall software in general, but I personally have had very bad behavior with just about every firewall I have tried. The exception is the built-in firewall of XP & Vista and also the old version of Sygate Personal Firewall which as of now remains my overall favorite. Yeah I know it’s old and hasn’t been updated. But it doesn’t mess with my system like some others have.

Back to tying Comodo 3 once again. They have a new and improved flavor which corrects the terminology during installation making it more user friendly. We will see what happens. Finger crossed.

Comments welcome.

Scot’s newsletter is here.

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