I view and read a lot of content on my computer each day, and while I’m able to enjoy it in the way that it’s presented, sometimes I wish that the experience of reading online was similar to the experience of reading an actual book or magazine. I love the feeling of accomplishment that comes from flipping through all of the pages, and while that can’t physically be done on the computer, it can be simulated. Issuu presents content in this familiar way, and it’s a great service for professional publishers or people like you and I that just want to view and share documents in magazine format.

When you arrive at the site, select one of the featured magazines and take a look at the interface. You can flip through the pages, zoom in, go full-screen, write comments, and embed these publications. Once you’ve read any available content that interests you, upload your own documents and give Issuu a try for yourself. I’ve seen services like this before, but this is my favorite by far, and I’m sure designers and publishers are going to love it.