Rumors have it that because of the reduction of flash memory pricing, Apple may be looking at a reduction in their pricing for iPhones. The price could drop as much as $100 in the next three months or so. Over at phonemag they seem to feel that either people should wait for the price reduction or wait for the newer 3G phone that is coming. In the article it states:

Ouch, I have the feeling this is going to really wind up the commentors.  Rumors are circulating that Apple plan on lowering the price of iPhone and iPod Touch models by $100 at some point in the near future – it varies between “by the end of February” and “by mid-April” – while simultaneously hitting delete on the 8GB versions of both devices.  The move would put a 16GB iPhone at $399 while a 16GB and 32GB iPod Touch would be $299 and $399 respectively.

Forbes is suggesting that prospective iPhone buyers hold off until the much-speculated 3G iPhone, about which the consensus appears to be that it will launch in then next three months.  That might seem like a long time if you have cash burning a hole in your pocket, but it’s nothing compared to the tedium of getting locked into a two-year contract with a far slower device.

So if you are thinking about making an iPhone purchase, you may wish to wait awhile to see if prices actually fall. Also you may wish to consider the newer model as well.

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Full article is here.

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