Most of us have seen a video or two in which people take pictures of themselves every day for a certain period of time and then splice them all together to show how their appearance has changed during that time. Some people are only able to keep up with this habit for a short amount of time, but as you can imagine, the most interesting videos are created by people that have recorded their daily appearance for months or even years because you really can see some changes. If this sounds like an experiment that you would be interested in getting involved with, then you could obviously do it manually, but Daily Mugshot makes the process seamless.

Once you have an account on Daily Mugshot, all you have to do is take a daily picture through their service and then these pictures will be recorded and displayed in your very own widget that you can post anywhere. The appearance and functionality of the widget itself is very nice, and the service also offers downloadable software to help remind you to take a picture each day. Not only can you feel yourself growing older, but now you can watch yourself grow older, too. How exciting!