Announced today, a new division of the Mozilla Group, Mozilla Messaging, will re-start the development of the e-mail client, Thunderbird. This is great news for the faithful, as several missteps and balks by Mozilla made many wonder if Thunderbird was going the way of the dodo, or the HD DVD(!)

images.quizilla.com_B_BL_BLU_bluemermaid14_1136679189_irephoenix new life again, just like Spring!

The announcement made today clears up what is going to happen and while a certain time frame was not revealed, it was clear that the progress bar on the Thunderbird screen has not stalled forever.

Also not disclosed was the size of the development team, so it is unclear how many of the old team remain, and how many from the Eudora team are still around. The work will focus on making the e-mail client more reliable and full-featured, much like the high-priced spread (Outlook).

Hopefully more details and a timetable will be forthcoming soon.

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